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Mega Man X
Genre: Platformer - Developer: Capcom - Publisher: Capcom

Mega Man X is a spin-off from the original Mega Man series on NES which cycled through 6 games on that system alone. This is the first of the X Series, which introduced some changes to the formula used in the previous games. This game was also released for the PC, but always had it's home on the SNES/Super Famicom.

Known as Rockman in Japan, he has appeared in cameo appearances throughout various games, and has a huge library of games across many systems.


Doctor Light's final creation was the most advanced robot to be made, and the first truly free-willed robot. His name was 'X' and to prevent him from becoming dangerous X stayed dormant for thirty years, during which doctor light lost his life. Eventually X was discovered by Doctor Cain, who used the designs of X to create a race of sentient robots known as Reploids. But a mysterious virus contracted from a reploid called Zero, spread through the Reploids, turning them into Mavericks, as they began to terrorize the human race.

So Dr Cain created a task force lead by Sigma, to combat these Mavericks. But Sigma contracted the virus, and took control of the Mavericks, leaving it to X and Zero to defeat the Mavericks.


1 Player
.12 Megabit Cartridge

Perfect Conversion Score



The perfect beginning for the X series of games, with great looking 16-bit visuals and a rocking soundtrack to match. The inclusion of new upgrades for X gives a welcome change from the previous Mega Man games. The only downfall is the challenge that the originals had seems some-what lacking in this series. Otherwise a fantastic game.
Posted by: --Shaz--

X: Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names!
Posted by: Mav






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