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Genesis 6 button controllergenesis 6 button arcade stick

Around the same time that Street Fighter 2 was launched for the Mega Drive, Sega came out with a 6-button controller and soon after a 6-button version of their Arcade stick. Only a small selection of games made full use of the extra buttons, but the ones that did are much more enjoyable with the extra 3 buttons. Fighting games in particular were able to expand beyond the limited 3 button scheme to compete properly with the SNES controllers. The 6-button controller also added a "mode" button which was used to trick the console into thinking it was a regular 3-button controller (for compatibility) except when playing 32X games where it was a fully functioning button. In addition to the list below, many Mega-CD games took advantage of the 6 button controller.

  • - Ballz *

    - Clay Fighter *

    - Comix Zone

    - Contra / Probotector (Limited 6 button functionality)

    - Davis Cup tennis/ Davis cup world tour

    - Dragon Ball Z

    - Eternal Champions

    - Fatal Fury 2

    - Fever Pitch Soccer

    - Lost Vikings

    - Midways Arcade greatest Hits (robotron only)

    - Mortal Kombat

    - Mortal Kombat 2

    - Mortal Kombat 3

    - Mortal Kombat Ultimate

    - Ranger X

    - Shaq Fu

    - Samurai Showdown

    - Street Fighter 2

    - Super Street Fighter 2

    - Streets of Rage 3

    - Technoclash

    - Zombies ate my neighbours

* unconfirmed

Controller images are from the now defunct Many thanks to the DP forums and Perfect Conversion contributers for the assistance. If you know of a 6-button game, or can verify a game please email me: smi04(at)


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