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One star, one word: stale seafood surprse

Missing crucial incredients, like a crust

Deep pan Super Supreme but with a liiver toppng

Thin crust vegetarian with pineapple

Corden Bleu home delivery, And the toppings didn't stick to the lid

Havent played either of these yet, but apparently they are better than 1 and 2 stars, respectively.
Platformer - Page 2
Running Battle

Colourful, flickerless sprites and a good concept are let down by the terrible slooooowness of the thing.
Shadow Dancer

An adequate rendition of the arcade smash, the graphics are a bit on the flickery side, and the action is confined largely to the end of level guardians, but fans of the original are unlikely to be disappointed.
Shadow of the Beast

A visually stunning game that pushes the MS to the edge of the envelope. The gameplay has been tweaked a tad for this outing, but it still suffers from the same niggling lack of challenge that marred all other versions.
Sonic Chaos

Easily the best game of Sonic on the MS, this is what Sonic 2 should have been but wasn't. Far closer to the MD version of Sonic 2 than the MS version was.
Sonic the Hedgehog

The spiky little forest animal that launched Sega as a world dominating force in home consoles and successfully wrestled control of the international videogame market away from their nemsis, Nintendo. Cute graphics, challenges aplenty and super fast scrolling make this a must for every collection.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2

They did it again! Yet another thoroughly enjoyable outing with the most inspired gaming mascot in the forest.

An incredibly monotonous game with a dodgy control method and lack of any real story line, this game will disappoint Spidey's innumerable fans while doing nothing to lift the genre.
Star Wars
US Gold

Star Wars licences are increasingly becoming hot property and the cynical out there would call this just another attempt at revenue raising; and they would be right. Frustrating controls, bland graphics and disappointing levels relegate this to ranks of the also-rans.

Forget Metropolis. This is more like Dullsville. Mediocre characterisation and a decided lack of anything to really do conspire to place this firmly in the rear behind almost any other game you could name.

If you have played the MD version then you are sure to be disappointed by this offering as much of what made that game great is missing. However, if you haven't seen its larger cousin yet, then you will probably get a kick out of this rather standard platform affair.
Teddy Boy

An older release but a lot of fun all the same. Multi-directional platformer with a host of cute characters and bizarre enemies. Great value for money.
The Terminator

A challenging , if shallow, journey into the world of Jim Cameron's future-Earth from the 1984 film that launched Arnie to prominence and wealth. Guide Kyle reese through four levels of mind-nuking action as he attempts to protect Sarah Connor from the cybernetic clutches of the Terminator!
Tom & Jerry

An absolutely beautiful game that unfortunately plays like trash.

A very staid old platformer: run around and collect hearts and other such things. You'll be left thinking that you have seen it all before, ad nauseam.

A rip-off of Impossible Mission, but nowhere near as classy as you run around and struggle with the hopelessly frustrating control method.
Zillion II

Hard to believe it, but this one is worse than the orginal.


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