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One star, one word: stale seafood surprse

Missing crucial incredients, like a crust

Deep pan Super Supreme but with a liiver toppng

Thin crust vegetarian with pineapple

Corden Bleu home delivery, And the toppings didn't stick to the lid
Dragon Crystal

A fairly limp cart where challenge has been replaced by frustration. If you are the sort who enjoys pulling your hair out in tufts then this will appeal.

The game that had kids queing up to play it all those years ago is on the MS and it looks good. A near-perfect game in all respects, this looks and plays brilliantly.
Heroes of the Lance
US Gold

It had the TSR stamp of approval, but it plays like a dog. A lot of baddies, but the game just simply lacks any vestige of enjoyable action.
Miracle Warriors

Menu-driven RPG with battery back-up, this is a hige game that while slow to get into will provide plenty of fun and challenge for weeks on end.
Ultima IV

The classic Lord British/Origin game from the apple II meanders onto the MS, looks around and bashes (almost) all other RPGs firmly in the gob before wandering off to mug some arcade games in a back alley. This is truly gaming nirvana.
Phantasy Star

Far and away the best RPG available on the MS and the predecessor to the MD games of the same name. Even if you don't normally like RPGs you should get this one just so you can see what a good one should play like. Battery-backed so you can keep coming back to it, which you will.

In some ways the successor in the arcades to Gauntlet ,this one is a platform-scrolly-blasty-thingy that should have worked, but sadly didn't.
Robocop 3

Standard fare: run, shoot, dodge, shoot some more. Fails to capture the spirit of its MD cousin due to the limitations of the MS.

A handsome conversion, it suffers from a lack of enduring challenge, posessing a mere five levels. Fun while it lasts, but once completed you are unlikely to come back to it.

Like an RPG with trainer wheels, this game is sure to suit the die-hard adventureholic and his blastoid brethren. Travel through time and space in a mythic quest as hugee vistas unfold before you. Easy to get into and enjoy straight up without poncing around in manuals or hit points et al.
Y's The Vanished Omens

For owners of Ultima and Phantasy Star, this should be next on your shopping list. If you dont have those games, get them first, then get this one.
Aztec Adventure

Inspired by the old C64 game, this cart has large levels and lots to explore, but not a whole lot to do. Good when you want a more laid back adventuring experience.
Golden Axe Warrior

Fans of Golden axe will be disappointed by this game as it is a flick-screen RPG-style romp rather than an arcade follow on. RPG-ers will also no doubt be disappointed as there really is not a whole lot to do here.

Battle hordes of angry demons as you attempt to cross through the valley. Lots to see and do, it is however a game that will be completed by most in relatively short order.
Spy vs Spy

The old C64 Beyond game comes to the MS with all its charm and humour intact. Lay traps to catch your unwary opponent as you both attempt to find the various articles scattered around a hige playing area. Split screen action at its best.
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