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Zapper Light Gun Review

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The most well-known light gun to grace the gaming community. Originally released in grey, Nintendo later changed the colour to the catchy orange colour we all remember it by.

The way the Zapper works is when you pull the trigger the targets that you are supposed to be aiming for will change, depending on the game you're playing for example in Duck Hunt the duck or the clay pigeon will change to a white square roughly the same size as the target. If the sensor in the end of the gun detects this shape, then it will register a hit, on the other hand if it does not detect the white square it will register as a miss. This is why if you have the 2-in-1 game with the original Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt then when you select your game of choice the whole screen will flash white.

It looked so cool when it first appeared in the shops, and once bought didn't disappoint. The design looks great, and feels good in the hand to hold. The fabulous 'ka-ching' sound of pulling the trigger stills fills me with nostalgia today.

Don’t Like:
Considering the shear amount of games produced for the NES, there were only a handful made for use with this wonderful light gun.

Still fun to use, and an absolute must-have for any NES sitting under a TV.

Overall Score:
9 / 10

Supported games list:
The Adventures of Bayou Billy
Baby Boomer
Barker Bill's Trick Shooting
Duck Hunt
Freedom Force
Hogan's Alley
Laser Invasion
The Lone Ranger
Mechanized Attack
Operation Wolf
Shooting Range
To the Earth
Track & Field II
Wild Gunman

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