Perfect Conversion

ProPad Controller



This controller came with my first Super Nintendo as a bundle package from the store. From the start I preferred the original Nintendo controller, which stayed plugged into the first slot so all my friends got stuck with the SN ProPad. Unfortunately I now have two of them, after a certain dog happened to chew through the cord of the original Nintendo pad.


The auto fire switches at the top of the controller are useful for some fighting games.
The transparent plastic casing was cool in its time.

Don't Like:

The stupid little switch at the back, which unsettles the start button when activated. More bulky than the original Nintendo controller, some may prefer this though. The cord is way too short, which gets frustrating. After considerable use, the select button stopped working, and the 'B' button doesn't always respond causing some frustration.


If you like to use the auto fire buttons, then this is for you, otherwise, I wouldn't recommend this control pad, unless you had no other option.

Overall Score: 5 / 10


SN-ProPad-1.jpg SN-ProPad-2.jpg








--Shaz-- DESIGN 2006