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Super Scope Review

Snes Arena

Nintendo Super Scope

Nintendo's sequel to the hugely popular NES Zapper. Big, bulky and not very user friendly the Super Scope fails to be a worthy successor of the Zapper.

The big bazooka like appearance looks cool.
It uses a wireless connection through an infared receiver which plugs into the console.

Don’t Like:
Movement is restricting.
Only several games were released that used the Super Scope.
None of those game were really any good.
Takes 6 AA batteries which only last around 4 hours of usage.

Disappointing developer support really hurt the Super Scope, but maybe that was due to the lack of customer support. All-in-all the SNES deserved a better gun offering from Nintendo.

Overall Score:
4 / 10

Supported games list:
Battle Clash
Bazooka Blitzkrieg
Hunt for Red October, The
Lamborghini American Challenge
Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge - aka Battle Clash 2
Operation Thunderbolt
Super-Scope-6 cart
Terminator 2: The Arcade Game
Yoshi's Safari

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