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Mega Drive Game Reviews
Reviews of Mega Drive games.

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The games I own:
- Master System , Saturn , Game Gear and Dreamcast
- Mega Drive

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The games I've got my eyes peeled for. If your in Australia and would like to sell/trade- email me: smi04(at)

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Mega Drive Hardware and Hardware reviews
What makes it tick and what makes playing it even more fun.

6 button Mega Drive games list
Lists all the Mega Drive games compatible with the 6 button controller.

Mega Drive Arcade Classics
The Mega Drive was known for some great arcade ports and arcade style games- here are just a few.

The Worst Mega Drive games..... ever
Reaching down to the bottom of the barrel.

Australian Mega Drive cart variations
What we got that nowhere else did.

The best of Mega Drive Sport
The Mega Drive has one of the largest sport libraries of any console, but not all sport games age well..

Genre in review: Fighting Games
My favourite Mega Drive fighting games, in bite size review form.


The Historical Archive
Where you can find Scans from classic sega magzines

Historical Archive: Megazone Division
Information and scans from the Australian gaming magazine which would later become the country's only locally produced sega magazine.

The Library
Short reviews on classic gaming books and guides.


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