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Here in Australia, THE sega magazine was called Megazone. There may have been others, but thats what I got and thats what I read. It started life in around 1988 and ran till late 95. I believe it was changed to an all Saturn magazine, but thats just a guestimate. Anyway, in '94 they ran an "article", that was pretty much a brief description/review of every Mega Drive, Master System, Game Gear and Mega CD game released in Australia, aswell as some not released here. Because of the scant amount of Master System resources on the internet (compared to NES and Mega Drive that is), I decided to spend as long as it took to copy every bit of the Master System and Game Gear guides into HTML form.

Just remember that these were originally published in '94, and a lot can happen in 9 years (i.e Mortal Kombat is no longer the be-all-and-end-all of fighting games).
The great big guide to the (not so) little Master System...
The reason why your here. Over 5 pages of cut-down master system reviews, screenshots and comments. May take a minute to load unless you have broadband.
You can find a few Megazone scans over at shining force central
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