""Perfect Conversion""


You won't need them anymore, these are better. Some good features I've bookmarked and would like to share:

Hardcore Gaming 101: Sega Ages The first is brought to you by Hardcore gaming 101; a complete review of all 31 Sega Ages remakes released for the Playstation2 a couple of years back and in a collection outside japan. Complete reviews of the individual games on the discs and how they compare to the originals they were inspired by, with lots of pretty pictures. Very comprehensive and a good read (all 8 pages).

Bob's Space Invader: An Australian MAME cabinet There is something about the games you played as a youth in an arcade that can't be reproduced. I don't know if it wires your brain chemistry, Pavlov style, to induce adrenalin when you hear the music and read "PLAYER 1" on the screen, but whatever it is I get a kick out of it. There aren't many Australian MAME cabinet writeups around the net, so this was a nice surprise.

Retro/Active: PS1 Fighters from 1up.com I rather like 1up.com, it is my current 'goto' modern gaming site, but theres a good chance I'll stop going once It sinks in that PC gaming news is a bit pedestrian (unless you like screenshots of Spore.. again). Regardless, theres some nice Retro gaming features on the site and this particular piece on the Playstation's early 3d fighters is a nice example. A look back on some of the games that wooed everyone 12 years ago
Thats all for now, but don't worry there is plenty left in my 'stuff to post' bookmarks folder and I may just be lazy enough to post it..


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